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Outreach Service for Street Sleepers

Service details

We provides the homeless a series of services, including outreaches (night and mid-night), counselling, employment services and other support services, so they would no longer be homeless and reintegrate into the community.

Service users will receive help or referral, basic services like facilities, food and materials will be arranged for them according to their needs.

Services Scope

1.  Accommodation (Click here to learn more Hostel Service)

We would arrange emergency shelters, temporary transit hostel, singles housing etc. or assist in renting cubicle apartments according to individual needs

2.  Regular Outreaching Visits

We visit the homeless, proactively care and provide services to help them resolve their difficulties

3.  Counselling referral

We provide individual counselling, faith consulting and help with welfare application rehabilitation and treatment referrals of kicking drug, alcohol and gambling habits

4.  Employment resources services

We provide job referrals and retraining referrals. There will be newspaper, computer, fax machine, and phones in our centre to help the homeless to get a job

5.  Activities centre facilities/ services (Click here to learn more)

We provide books, food and personal hygiene facilities. There will also be activities held and dental services provided

6.  Gathering (Click here to learn more)