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Home of Blessings / Esther Lodge 

Home of Blessings and Esther Lodge is a transitory home sits in the urban area. It is established for single women who have financial problems, housing problems and crises for temporary stay.  We would help service users to solve their problems via counselling and referrals. By developing social network between the service users, create supportive community for them. With the help of religion, the Home of Blessings hope to help service users restore their life value and restart their life

Service target and qualifications

  • Women or family (with children)
  • Holder of Hong Kong Identity documents
  • In financial crises, unable to afford market rent, homeless or at risk of being homeless

**Applicants should be able to take care of themselves, mentally stable and have no bad habits such as drug or alcohol addiction

Accommodate period

3-6 months (According to individual situation)


All applicants who meet the requirements should be referred via social workers or churches. Once applications are received, we will process as soon as possible


  • Room with furniture
  • Shared bathroom and shower
  • Shared fireless kitchen
  • Self-help Washing facilities
  • Function room

Service Charge

Service users will have to pay for water, electricity and rent, please call us for details, for those Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients will have to pay rent set by the Social Welfare Department

Termination of service

  • If applicants find the hostel service does not suit their need, they could ask for withdraw. We will arrange adequately if needed
  • If applicant cannot adopt to live in hostel after assessment, service agreement will be terminated
  • After assessment, if the applicant’s financial situation becomes stable, we will proceed departure arrangement