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Outreach Service for People in poor housing

Service details

We provide services for those who live in poor housing, i.e. cubical apartments, rooftop housing, for example: Life reorganizing, provide resources, referral, assist in improving living conditions, etc. We hope to serve the community through home visitations, we aims to spread Christ’s love and care, with the joint power of the churches

Services Scope

1.  Regular visits

We visit those who live in poor living environment regularly, proactively provide care and services to help solve the problems

2.  Counselling & referrals

Individual counselling, faith consulting, various kinds of welfare application and rehabilitation and treatment referrals on alcohol, drugs and gambling addiction

3.  Employment resources services

We provide job referrals and retraining referrals. There will be newspaper, computer, fax machine, and phones in our centre to help the homeless to get a job.

4.  Activities centre facilities/ services (Click here to learn more)

We provide books, food and personal hygiene facilities. There will also be activities held and dental services provided

5.  Contacting family and Hospice care

We help those living in poor living environment to contact and reconstruct relationship with their family. We will also contact family members of the dying homeless, and will help take care of the homeless’ funeral 

6.  Other support (Resources support may be provided if applicable)