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General requirements

We welcome all who agree with our vision, mission and values, and are passionate in serving the poor; to serve the homeless together.

Regular visit volunteer

Regularly join and visit the homeless (i.e. Street sleepers, people living in the poor hosing environments and our hostels), to care and share the love of Christ with them.

Basic requirements: Aged 18 or above, Christian and participate in fellowship regularly; willing to commit in long-term basis (at least 1 year or above)

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Professional skills volunteer

By using your professional skills or providing opinions and advice, assist the homeless to retrieve better life and living. 

Basic requirements: Expertise in skills/knowledge such as Medical and health care, Counselling, Legal, Repair and maintenance, interior design, etc.

One-off volunteer

There are always immediate or short-term needs for the homeless, we need volunteers in assisting them moving houses/cleaning houses, participating festival gatherings/activities, etc.

Basic requirements: High mobility, physically strong, willing to serve and assist the homeless in flexible ways.

If you want to join the one-off volunteering, please follow our Facebook, information will be provided when there is needs, thank you.

If you want to register as Professional skills volunteer, please fill-in this form, we will contact you if we need help, thank you.